How Abby got her body and confidence back after 2 kids!

Abby is a 29-year-old digital strategist. She’s smart and a goal getter. There are three things she never compromises.

Firstly, she’s never afraid to speak up.

Secondly, she doesn’t compromise on her values and lastly….. she has sworn never to wear waist trainers and shapewear ever again, owing to her terrible experience with shapewear.

Abby loved Bodycon dresses and they loved her. Until she had her two beautiful babies and she suddenly realized she could not wear the things she used to love again  This is how her journey with shapewear began!

She got a waist trainer and was excited to rock it and felt like she was about to get her groove back.

Abby would go hours wearing it while going about her daily activities, she felt quite uncomfortable in it most of the time. As the saying goes ‘Beauty is Pain’ and she soldiered on.

The final straw was her passing out in an important meeting all because of an extremely uncomfortable shapewear. And Abby completely swore off shapewear.

6 months later, her colleague returned from her maternity leave with the smoothest banging body ever. Abby was shocked. She was wearing shapewear but why hadn’t she passed out?

Her Colleague introduced her to Bodyliven Shapewear and that was how Abby got her groove back for shapewear and bodycon dresses. She still can’t believe shapewear can be so comfortable and yet cinching.

BodyLiven Shapewear was created out of a need for comfortable shapewear. Each Shapewear is made with the latest fabric technology with comfort as a key factor in production.

Are you like Abby who has given up wearing what you want to wear because of uncomfortable, unwearable shapewear?

Or are you a new mom that wants to snap back in shape?

Whatever your shapewear need is BodyLiven has got you!


Check out the full range of flexible, cinching and comfortable products on @thebodyliven or @bodylivenshapewear, call or WhatsApp  +234706 7191524 or order on www.Bodyliven.com!

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